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Despicable Rumor: Kristen Stewart May End Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Marriage

A despicable new In Touch cover implies that Kristen Stewart is about to wreck Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s marriage.

According to the desperate magazine’s latest reckless stab at scandal, Stewart’s possible involvement in an upcoming Affleck project called Focus is reason for Garner to “be very, very worried.”

In Touch describes a racy part in the movie’s script and explains, “While it seems like just another love scene for the Hollywood heartthrob [Affleck], it may in fact be much more dangerous.”

That’s because Stewart, “reportedly in talks to play Ben’s leading lady,” had an indiscretion last summer with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

The tabloid’s logic seems to be that Stewart is now set to become romantically involved in real life with any man with whom she works.

“This has all the makings of a disaster,” a so-called “insider” tells In Touch, which says the “sizzling encounters” between the POTENTIAL Affleck and Stewart characters are “so hot that no wife of any actor should be comfortable with it.”

Either In Touch has a difficult time differentiating reality from fantasy (hint: the stuff on screen is fake) or the emotional sophistication of a middle school cafeteria gossip.

Given the mag’s recent series of bogus Stewart stories, we’re open to both possibilities.

“Kristen’s a vixen,” says an In Touch insider. “She’s been warned by her team to not screw up again, so I don’t think she would go into the movie thinking Ben’s her guy. But things happen.”

Yes, things happen… things like tabloids printing outrageous cover stories shrieking about a still imaginary casting decision destroying a happy, long-term real-life marriage.

A marriage, by the way, that In Touch describes as “Hollywood’s Happiest Family.”

The tab’s insider admits that Affleck “works, goes home, plays with the family and gets back up to do it all over again.”

“But you have to remember, he’s not the problem here — Kristen is. She just loves the taste of forbidden fruit,” says the In Touch source, who calls Stewart a “home-wrecker.”


The difference between Kristen Stewart and In Touch is that she took responsibility for her mistake.

Meanwhile, the tabloid prints — without accountability – demonstrably false nonsense, frequently for maximum emotional exploitation, on a regular basis.

Planting the seed for future, baseless rumors about Affleck and Stewart having an affair might be no big deal for In Touch, but it doesn’t mean there’s a shred of truth to the claim.

Gossip Cop is told Stewart’s participation in Focus has not been finalized, not that her potential involvement in the project justifies In Touch’s salacious and misleading excuse for a cover story.

A Stewart pal calls the tab’s report “gross.”

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