Khloe Kardashian Wants a Baby, but Husband Lamar Odom Doesn't?

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It usually takes two to make a baby. Unless you're Khloe Kardashian.

From Life & Style:

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"Khloe is still undergoing fertility treatments," a friend tells Life & Style, "and she has decided that if she is not pregnant by Christmas, she will start adoption proceedings."

To make that dream come true, she's continued visiting the Art Reproductive Center -- without Lamar by her side -- where she's received radiation and injectables to help her start producing eggs. "It's trial and error," she admits. "You [get] put on hormones and see if they work, and if they don't, then you move on to the next step."

However, Lamar has cooled to the idea after all the emotional and physically taxing issues they've endured. "Lamar's over it," an insider to Life & Style. "He has kids already from a previous relationship, so he's not dying to have more ... There have been big fights and arguments lately."