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Will Katie Holmes Bump into Tom Cruise During Oscar Weekend?

Ooh look. Katie Holmes managed to talk her parents into babysitting and is in Los Angeles for pre-Oscars parties without six-year-old Suri.

The 32-year-old actress is presumably wearing her own Holmes & Yang label and while I don’t hate this silk jumpsuit – she looks great – I’d have preferred that she’d worn a different shoe, those purple Manolo Blahniks that Vicky Beckham got him to design for her new shoe line would have looked fantastic.

Anyway, this is the first Oscar weekend in a long time that Katie’s not having to do a contractually-obliged red carpet appearance with stage-husband Tom Cruise.

Last year, of course, they attended the Vanity Fair after-party together, but given that the magazine savagely tore into Tom and $cientology after their divorce I doubt very much that he’ll be attending one of their bashes ever again.

Now Katie’s her own woman though, I wonder if she’ll go? – I’m sure that Editor-In-Chief Graydon Carter would have put her on the guest list just for the publicity that would result from her supporting a publication that angered her ex and his lawyers with their revelations about the goings on at $cientology Inc. (Interestingly, they’re suing Bauer Publishing because In Touch pointed out he hadn’t seen Suri for a couple of months last year but as of yet are yet to file legal proceedings against VF).

Please Katie – go and smile, kiss and hug Graydon Carter in the photo-booth while you’re there. It’d be such a brilliant FU to Tom and co. I think I’d love you forever.




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