Kate Upton Teaches Jimmy Falon Her Infamous Cat Daddy Dance

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The blonde bombshell’s undulating curves may be too hot for YouTube, but they’re just the right temperature for late night TV. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and GQ cover girl Kate Upton stopped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to teach the squirrelly talk show host how to do the Cat Daddy dance.

Upton’s jiggly Cat Daddy originally made internet hay when she performed approximately twenty seconds of moves for photographer Terry Richardson wearing nothing but a teeny string bikini. The 20-year-old supermodel’s gyrating moves were about as close to pornography as you can get without flashing a nip – so close, in fact, that the minute-long clip made YouTube blush.

On “Late Night,” Fallon coaxed Kate into recreating the experience, albeit wearing more clothes. Buffeted by the cheering studio audience, Upton replied: “Of course, why else am I here?”

After a few seconds of dancing side-by-side, Upton instructs Fallon to, “Buckle your seat belt and put in a little lean cuz you’re hood and then wheel your wheelchair.”

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Fallon does a passable job even without Upton’s god-given “talents.” See videos of both the Fallon performance and the original Cat Daddy dance below: