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Kate Gosselin's 'How She Fooled the World' Book Taken Off Shelves

You just knew that a book that was as explosive as the book about Kate Gosselin was not going to stay up for very long.

The book about Kate called "How She Fooled The World," has been removed from Amazon after letters from two different law firms. One was from the firm that represents Discovery. They were upset because the author had managed to get his hands on all the contracts between Kate and Discovery.

The other letter was from Kate's firm who were upset about all the beating allegations in the book and how Kate was a horrible parent.

Of course, the author of the book is a good friend of Jon Gosselin's, so a lot of the information came from Jon, but the story about the beatings with the wooden spoon actually came from the author digging through the trash of the family and finding a computer hard drive. It is also where all the contracts came from.

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