Justin Bieber and ‘New Girlfriend’ Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke Celebrated His Birthday Together?

| by Brittany Taylor

Justin Bieber celebrated his 19th birthday with his alleged new girlfriend and by showing off a whole lot of skin.

The singer stayed out until 6:30 a.m. on Thursday night, purportedly celebrating with Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke. Justin was seen out wearing only blue pants and showing his white boxers. He flashed a lot of skin as he was leaving Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena after a performance.

According to Daily News, it is reported that Bieber went out with a lot of girls at the members only British Luxury Club. He left the club two hours later and went to eat at Edgeware Road.

Bieber’s shirtless night out was not the only time he’ll be celebrating getting older. It is reported that the partying will continue today.