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John Travolta's Gay Lover Doug Gotterba Spills Details of Relationship

I guess it is one thing if five or ten men come out of the woodwork and say that John Travolta wanted to or offered to or had sex with them, and quite another for a man to come out and discuss his six year relationship with John Travolta.

Doug Gotterba is 62 and spoke to The Enquirer for their issue this week. He says that he had a long term relationship with Travolta who had wanted to make sex tapes (how much would those be worth right now?), loved having sex with multiple men at a time and could never get enough sex.

He probably could never get enough sex because he was at home with the wife and kids all the time biding his time until he could break free and go crazy. Gotterba met Travolta in 1981 when he interviewed for a pilot job and the next thing you know they were lovers. It all started with Travolta offering a massage.

Apparently massage is John's code word for sex. The last time the pair saw each other was in 1992. The Scientologists were on John's case and he had already married Kelly so he told Doug it was over.

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