Game Of Thrones Season 3 Premiere: Lena Headey Wardrobe Flops

Oh Lena Headey, what on earth were you wearing last night?

The 39-year-old Game of Thrones star chose a crumpled white jumpsuit and hiddy gold platform and off pink heels to the Season Three premiere in LA.

Of all the cast members I much prefer her on-screen look, Cersei Lannister is my spirit animal (apart from the brother shagging part) I’ve decided and the fabulously – talented Lena looks better with her strawberry blonde hair – complete with braids and perma goblet of red wine in hand.

Whoever told her to rock this Saturday Night Fever-esque with a distinct aroma of Elvis, the Vegas years get up should be shot, or more aptly, stuck with the pointy end of a sword.

I think my love for Cersei was well and truly sealed during Season Two’s Blackwater episode where she was cooped up inside getting sloshed taunting the ‘frightened little hens’ with one-liners like ‘we’re in for a bit of rape’ while the men fought outside.

Her scenes with Sansa were pure brilliance.