"Fifty Shades of Grey" Movie Might be Ready by 2014

Adam Fogelson, Chairman of Universal Pictures, dished that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie could be in theaters as soon as summer 2014.

Yes ladies, Christian Grey will be coming to life. But in this day and age of instant satisfaction, some fans feel it’s not soon enough.

Fogelson defends the time it’s taking to make the movie, saying it’s not something he’s interested in hurrying through.

“I understand why some people might take that point of view. But I don’t believe that EL James had any interest in going to a studio where rushing it into production was the vision. I don’t believe that the second or third film would have benefited from that strategy. And I think that there are totally legitimate questions about what this book is as a movie. I will tell you that it is an absolute priority for us. It’s conceivable that we could be ready to release it as early as next summer.”

He also put to rest any rumors of Angelina Jolie directing the film. “No. We’re involved in a different project [the World War II drama Unbroken] with her. But we have had really, really interesting, great conversations with talented, serious filmmakers.”

Who would you want to play Christian Grey? THAT is the question! Any ideas on who would do it best? I like the idea of Chris Noth, a.k.a. Mr. Big! He always struck me as that kind of guy. Meow!