Disney World Selling Gay-Themed Merchandise on Gay Days

| by Michael Allen

The annual Gay Days celebration will begin at Walt Disney World on Saturday. Thousands of gays and lesbians will descend on the Magic Kingdom, but the Disney company has always claimed a neutral position on the event.

However, Disney has never been known to pass up a marketing opportunity and is slowly filling its park with gay-themed products such as red tank tops featuring a rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse face, rainbow mugs, wallets and Mickey Mouse Vinylmations.

The merchandise, which makes no actual mention of Gay Day, was being bought on Thursday by LGBT people in town for the event, notes the Orlando Sentinel.

"We offer a wide range of merchandise items that appeal to guests of diverse backgrounds," said Walt Disney World spokeswoman Bernadette Davis.

"We kind of think it's funny that Disney doesn't sponsor Gay Days, but they cater to us. We were here just a couple weeks ago and they didn't have that shirt. But they put it out for this weekend," said Marcus Blake, who is visiting Disney with partner David Mendelson.

"The first couple of years that I came, those who were not participating in the Gay Days festivities were kind of shocked to see the large number of red shirts and what it represented. [Now] we have friends who come here with their kids, specifically, to show them about tolerance."

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Source: Orlando Sentinel