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Rumor: Charlize Theron and Seth McFarland Hooked Up at Oscars

Weirdest celebrity couple EVER!

There’s a rumor coming from Hollywood that a new romance may have been ignited, thanks to a connection made at this year’s Academy Awards and the rehearsals beforehand. Is it true, though?? Did Seth McFarlane and Charlize Theron hook up/hit it off/may date? This is NUTS.

The Chicago Sun Times Reports:

Oscar winner Charlize Theron and host Seth MacFarlane apparently really clicked while prepping for Sunday’s big show. Along with dancing in MacFarlane’s opening musical number, Theron also pre-taped one of the reaction shots for his much-discussed “We Saw Your Boobs” bit, spoofing famous actresses’ topless or nude scenes in their films.

According to folks close to Theron, the South African native thinks MacFarlane is funny, cute and charming. “Charlize finds Seth to be a great guy who not only makes her laugh but has so much on the ball,” said a longtime Hollywood insider who has worked with Theron for years.

Reportedly, the duo not only hung out all night after the Oscars but are planning to see each other again. “This is early, but I see a new relationship brewing,” added a second source who attended MacFarlane’s own post-awards bash Sunday.

The timing of all this could work. MacFarlane isn’t dating anyone special, and Theron has been single since she and longtime beau Stuart Townsend ended their nine-year relationship last year.

Okay, all…now I definitely need your thoughts.  Could this be real? Why do I always think that, of these high profile relationships, the women are always way more deserving of someone better? AHHH!

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