David Beckham Won't Join Paris Saint-Germain, Family Insisted on L.A.

Two weeks ago it was all set that David Beckham was going to drag his family to Paris so he could have one more shot at international glory playing soccer.

In fact, all he had to do was sign and he would have been the highest paid player at that level of soccer in France. Instead, now, citing family reasons, David Beckham has decided to stay in Los Angeles and is expected to resign with the LA Galaxy.

That is quite the 180 from a few weeks ago. I think he actually got outvoted. His kids seem pretty happy here and to move from 250 days of sunshine and warm weather to France in the middle of winter is tough, plus they are all in school now so would have had that changed for a year or two and then probably moved on to different schools in a different country.

I think it is pretty great that David is willing to maybe forgo his shot at being on England's national team again for the sake of his family and making sure they are happy.