Photos: Chris Brown Smokes Weed in Amsterdam

Oh, Chris Brown, you mighty decision maker you, posting pics of yourself smoking weed while in Amsterdam.

He’s so thug.

Brown, who recently deleted his Twitter account after getting into a heated and foul-mouthed squabble with a female, has renistated his account, but his real joy is in posting controversial photos on Instagram. I told you, he’s pretty effing THUG.

His name on Instagram is equally as thug. f*ckyopictures. Without the asterisk of course. Such a classy guy. Isn’t he an absolute dreamboat?! Anyhow, Chris and his huge posse of leeches are hanging out in Amsterdam where Chris will be performing on Thursday.

Some of Brown’s fans are disappointed in him for posting the weed pics and they are letting him know it. Some of the comments snagged from his Instagram:

bornbeauty84: I want the “old” chris back!

starhq If you don’t wanna be a role model, don’t choose to be famous. He could have easily had just a great time without putting up the pics or just creating a personal account

 xxprettyy_ty Smh. U losing yourself

swaggalikeus_mb Imma be honest. I love chris brown. But i miss the old chris brown. Where i could buy his music with out my parents permission. Or when he actually had respect for him self. Tattoos, smoking. Really? What happened

yoitsgianna Can u stop being a dirtbag publicly I hate this side of u

 Chris also recently posted a photo of himself and Rihanna smoking weed and hanging out together. She has posted a few other, racier, pictures as well. I’m starting to think they were made for each other. Dumb and Dumber. Do you think these two will regret posting photos of themselves smoking weed on Instagram one day?

Chris Brown Rihanna Smoking Weed Together

Rihanna Smoking Weed Pot Marijuana

Chris Brown Smoking Weed Pot Marijuana Instagram