Charlie Sheen Pays Lindsay Lohan's $100,000 Tax Bill

Charlie Sheen is reportedly helping Lindsay Lohan with her financial problems.

The actor reportedly gave the 26-year-old troubled actress a check for $100,000 to help her pay off her huge tax bill.

Charlie and Lindsay grew close while filming “Scary Movie 5″ together, when she told him about her huge tax bill.

Sheen, who has seen his share of drug problems and public meltdowns, wanted to help her out by writing her a check but she declined.

But insiders close to Lindsay claim she was thrilled when he the huge check for $100K to her business manager and she used it to pay down her $233,904 tax bill.

Lindsay Lohan, who has been arrested six times, is facing her probation being revoked very soon after she allegedly lied to police officers about being behind the wheel of a car during an accident in June.

The troubled actress is reportedly set to earn over $2 million by the end of this year from her movies, Playboy pictorial, and for her promotional tweets.

Charlie Sheen, who currently stars on “Anger Management”, topped the Forbes list of the highest paid actors on television last year when he raked in a whopping $40 million.

We’re guessing the $100,000 is just chump change to Charlie!

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