Katie Holmes Finds Dating Difficult

Katie Holmes has been already dating a little, but backed off from one guy after a couple of dates. Here is what must make it really hard for Katie to date. Let's pretend that Katie is just Katie from Ohio who recently got divorced and you are out on a date with her. At some point aren't you going to want to know about the father of this child you might someday be helping to raise? Don't you want at least a little back story on the relationship and what happened?

That past relationship might not be as important if there is no child, but there is. I think you want to know what those child hand offs are going to be like or if the dad is in jail or whatever. What can Katie tell you about her past relationship? At what point can she tell you anything? Are you going to have to sign something first? Don't you think most people are going to want some answers, and lots are going to want even more answers. What if one of the guys is a plant from Tom or Scientology to see if Katie is spilling things she shouldn't be. Oh, and yes, they would. Look who Nicole Kidman married. A guy who had his own big secrets from his addiction days. She keeps a secret. he keeps a secret.