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Camille Grammer Doesn't Want Kelsey Moving into Their Old Home

Kelsey Grammer is out of a job but that is not going to stop him from living in a $16M house in Beverly Hills. Sure, he just bought a new house in Beverly Hills, but it is not as nice as the one he owns jointly with Camille.  

The thing is, Camille and Kelsey have been trying to sell the house and Camille thinks that if Kelsey is living in the house and inviting some of her old friends from the Playboy mansion over for good times that the house will be less likely to sell. I don't know about that.

I think it might be more likely to sell, but I am not Camille and she went to court to try to prohibit Kelsey from living in the house.   A hearing is going to be held next month. I think Camille really wants that half of the $16M now that she is not working any longer either.

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