Cameron Douglas Attacked In Prison, Leg Broken

Cameron Douglas was attacked in prison where he is doing hard time for selling drugs. The son of Michael Douglas reportedly suffered a broken leg and finger in the assault.

Douglas told medical staff he injured himself playing handball but that is bullshit. The truth is he was attacked by enforcers for being a rat. A gangster reportedly offered $100 to anyone who would injure Douglas. The attack was supposed to happen during a flag football game but Douglas got wind of the scheme and dropped out of the game.

But they caught up to him later and delivered justice.

Apparently Douglas has become hard-core since going into prison in 2010. He is now all bulked up from working out at the gym and is covered in prison tats. So he looks just like your typical high school junior now. All buff and tatted down.

When he gets out he'll be able to go on one of those tattoo shows. My Tattoo Journey or some bullshit. I don't know, there's like fifty of them now. Why does the world need that many tattoo shows? Who is watching these shows?

These people are so bored it can't even be described. Anyway, now you know why I try to stay out of prison if I can help it. You get your ass beat in prison. I'll stay out of prison where it's safe and I have plenty of pizza rolls. And my dick isn't in danger of becoming some Puerto Rican's personal property.