The Secret To Weight Loss According To Boy George

Wow. Drop everything, something of MAJOR importance happened last night.


Rub your eyes once, rub them twice, look away, blink and look back again. It’s BOY GEORGE looking like a veritable slip of a thing.

This is how you may remember him.

The 51-year-old DJ was at the Awards in London last night and, yes, cynical old bish that I am I immediately suspected he was back on the drugs.

I mean, you don’t shed twenty stone in two minutes through actual diet and exercise, do you?

I turned to Bohomoth writer The Frig to find out and here’s what he said:

“Being curious as to how he did this (also because it’s a bitch to try and find a tapeworm these days) I did some digging and Boy George has not had lipo, a gastric band or relapsed into drug addiction.

“His huge weight-loss is thanks to Amelia Freer – a nutritional therapist who has put him on him on a metabolically- balanced organic diet, which has helped him shed several stone and change like a (Karma) chameleon.”

Indeed, Freer tweeted of her client this morning:

“He looks great doesn’t he! & no silly fad diet, just healthy, sensible eating!”

Here’s one of Amanda’s recipes for a healthy green breakfast smoothie - which she recommends as a vitamin-packed start to the day.

The rest of the diet appears to be based around eating lots of organic fruit and vegetables and if you’re in the UK, you can get Amanda’s meals delivered straight to your door. 

I can’t believe the difference- it’s absolutely mental how different and better his face looks, and he looks so much younger than he did ten years ago as well.

Well done, George.