Bikini Pictures: Lady Gaga Goes on a Surfin' Safari

| by Michael Allen

25-year-old pop star Lady Gaga recently took some surfing lessons in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, while wearing a black wetsuit and a sexy bikini. Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, worked hard to improve her surfing skills, while trying to ride some tricky waves.

An unnamed source said that Gaga was doing well for a beginner: “She started quite slowly learning how to body-board and then she was able to work up to standing. She made excellent progress. She has been very relaxed since she arrived at the resort and is looking to unwind from her punishing timetable on the road.”

(Photo by Splash)


(Photo by Splash)

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Gaga will open the 'MTV Video Music Awards' next week with a live performance and is plugging show with a series of videos, including one of her in a black bra while performing a jazzy version of her latest song ‘You & I’ on a piano.

(Photo by Splash)

Other promotional clips include Gaga discussing her musical inspiration along with her attitude to writing music: “Sometimes I'm really happy when I write music, and sometimes I'm really angry. Sometimes I'm really drunk and sometimes I'm super sober. You never know why or if you write music.”

Gaga is nominated for four VMAs, including Best Female Video and Best Video With a Message for Born This Way, as well as Best Art Direction and Best Choreography for Judas.  The chameleon singer said, “It means the world to me. I just feel really blessed every day. I have the most amazing fans.”