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Rumor: Beyonce "Facebook Rant" Hints at Jay-Z Marriage Trouble

Beyonce and Jay-Z are having “MARRIAGE TROUBLE,” according to MediaTakeOut, which claims the singer went on a “BIZARRE Facebook RANT” on Thursday, supposedly hinting at marital problems.

The unreliable webloid explains that Beyonce allegedly used “her private Facebook page” to post “some lyrics fromLauryn Hill’s song EX-FACTOR – which is about a woman breaking up with her man.”

Moreover, says MediaTakeOut, Beyonce supposedly changed the lyrics so that “she put HER NAME as the woman breaking things off.”


“We find it VERY ODD to say the least for a married woman to leave THOSE LYRICS on their Facebook page,” screams the site.

Yeah, it probably would be.

Except that is NOT Beyonce’s Facebook page.

It’s a FAKE.

MTO got DUPED by some random imposter.

Of course, we can’t say we’re completely shocked, since the webloid has been routinelyand laughably WRONG about Beyonce and Jay-Z.

A rep for Beyonce confirms to Gossip Cop that the Facebook page in question does notbelong to the singer, and that there’s NO trouble in her marriage, adding, “Like always, MTO is a joke.”

The couple’s friend Kanye West may have put it best when he declared the sensationalistic site was “so f**kin’ full of sh*t!”

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