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Ervin Brittnacher, 79-Year-Old Former Bull Rider, Knocks Out Bath Salts Intruder

Erwin Brittnacher will f*** a man up. Doesn't matter if that man happens to be high on bath salts. The former bull rider Brittnacher fears no one. Not man. Not beast. Not face-eating man-beast. The other day, some fool on bath salts decided to test Brittnacher, and found out what happens.

Bath salts fool Charles Smith showed up at Brittnacher's house Galveston County, Tex. 
at 5:45 in the morning WITH A GUN and tried to get inside. Brittnacher saw this nutbag and saw his gun. And without hesitation throat punched the idiot. And then karate chopped him in the side of the neck. And that was all she wrote for bath salts gun freak Charles Smith.

Smith's car was later found in a ditch by police. Smith himself was found on Brittnacher's porch where Brittnacher left him. Cops hauled Smith in and booked him. Brittnacher sat around his place eating glass and waiting for the media to show up. He had some snarlin' to do. Nothing beats a good snarl after fucking up some dumb drug addict.

Forget Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood and Dos Equis guy. Brittnacher.

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