Aaron Paul’s ‘Need for Speed’ Movie Trailer Drops Just in Time for ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale (Video)

| by Alex Groberman

Aaron Paul is a single episode away from being completely done with Breaking Bad, one of the most entertaining shows of its generation. Before this Sunday’s sure-to-be epic series finale, however, he has a little business to take care.

Most notably: Using his few remaining moments as one of TV’s biggest stars to promote an upcoming project.

Early this week, DreamWorks Pictures released a trailer for Paul’s next movie: The Need for Speed. Based on what little information we have about it, The Need for Speed appears to be some sort of Fast and Furious rip-off – with worse special effects.

As Ryan Gosling, a much more famous star than Paul can attest to, car movies are hard to pull off.

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Either way, though, give the trailer a look and decide whether this film is worth watching for yourselves.