Bullying Victim 15-Year-Old Felicia Garcia Kills Self in Front of Classmates

Felicia Garcia was just 15 years old when she killed herself on Wednesday. Her final tweet? "I can't, im [sic] done, I give up." On Saturday night last week, the high school freshman went to a party. At the party she ended up having sex with four members of the varsity football team.

Since Saturday she had been bullied nonstop about what she had done and also learned that someone had recorded a video of what happened. So, after her final Tweet, Felicia threw herself in front of a train while 200 of her classmates watched in horror.

To their credit, the school did hear about the bullying and on Wednesday set up a meeting with Felicia and one of the boys. He denied ever bullying anyone.

Later, Felicia ran into another person who had been bullying her and they got into an argument. The school never told the parents. Felicia had run away from her foster home seven times. Her final Instagram photo was a photo of her covering her eyes and saying just because you smile doesn't mean you are happy.

If you are ever depressed or being bullied or thinking about killing yourself, please ask someone for help. Ask me, ask anyone on this site. Ask your friends or family or the homeless guy on the street. Talk to someone. Suicide is not the right choice.


Editor's Note: Garcia lived on Staten Island, NY.