NFL News: Eagles Real Contenders for 2011-12 Super Bowl?

| by Off The Record

The Philadelphia Eagles have become famous in town for getting oh-so close to winning it all, but failing every time. It’s tough to fault that logic, because it’s grounded in truth. It’s not to say that the Eagles haven’t tried, but for whatever reason it just hasn’t happened.

During the lockout, the rhetoric coming from the Eagles brass has been that they have an aggressive free agency plan in place. It seems that they can’t wait for the bell to ring so that they can come out swinging with deep pockets of cash.

“We need to get this [labor dispute] settled,” Eagles GM Howie Roseman told Yahoo Sports’ Michael Silver. “I’m ready for some action – right now.”

And while the lockout prevents Roseman from talking about specific players, an Eagles source told Silver names like Albert Haynesworth, Plaxico Burress and even Reggie Bush.

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“This is the year,” the source said. “We think we have a great shot to win it, and we’re loading up and going for it.”

We shall see.

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