Revealing Dresses Keep Girls Out of Texas School Dance

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

It's a night many high school students dream about -- the homecoming dance. Well, that dream became a nightmare for dozens of girls in Mesquite, Texas over the weekend. They were turned away from the event because of their alleged "revealing" dresses.

"Your dress is too short, your dress shows too much cleavage," one student said school officials told her.

Some 50 girls (several of them pictured above) were told they could not enter the dance at Mesquite High School in Dallas on Saturday night because their dresses were said to be too revealing.

The local CBS station in Dallas tried to talk to school administrators, but they would not comment. However, a flier for the dance called for "modest" attire and cautioned against wearing anything "too short" or "too tight." Several girls said because their dates bought the tickets, they never saw the  warning.

Some parents who were dropping off their children tried to intervene, but they say security escorted them off school grounds. Before being led away, parents managed to snap pictures of girls who were allowed inside the dance. They say several had shorter skirts than their daughters.

"What really angers me was that it was at one person's discretion with no rules," said one parent, Sarah Barnes.

Barnes said one girl even appeared to be wearing the exact same dress as her daughter's.

"She got in the dance, and I didn't," 17-year-old Christina Barnes said.

The families are demanding an apology, as well as refunds for the unused $30 tickets.