MLB: Dom Brown and the Awful Phillies Outfield

| by Off The Record

At one point last year, Domonic Brown was rated the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball. When the Philadelphia Phillies finally called him up, he had a stellar debut and the fan base was energized. But, after that first game, things started to go downhill.

Brown was pinch hitting because that’s what the team needed at that point late in the season. And he wasn’t very good at it. Then came spring training this year, when he was absolutely miserable as they tinkered with his swing. And that was before he broke his hand and ended up on the DL.

Suffice it to say, Brown has gotten off to a rough start. But good news, Phillies fans, Brown is ripping it up in Triple-A Lehigh after being sent there when he came off the DL. He is six for his first 16 for the Iron Pigs and mashed a three-run homer on Friday night.

As for the pro team, Raul Ibanez has strung a few good games together after an 0-for-35 streak. Yeah, you read that right. Ibanez got very old at the plate and just doesn’t look like he can get around on the ball anymore. Ben Francisco in right field has been just okay, but probably better than what most expected. But, hitting .245 with 18 RBI’s behind Ryan Howard is not going to get it done.

Brown will probably be fine if they stop messing with his swing. He’s destroyed the minor leagues in his ascension to the bigs, but he did that by hitting a certain way. Don’t change it.

If the corner outfielders keep hitting like this, we’ll find out pretty soon what the kid can do.

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