NFL Analysis: Why are Dolphins interested in Bulger?

| by Off The Record

There has been a lot of talk this offseason (maybe too much talk) about where Marc Bulger could end up next season. People keep talking about teams that need QB’s and how Bulger could be desirable to them.

That latest is Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, who says to keep an eye on the Miami Dolphins.

“Miami might end up being the team to watch if a market really forms for Bulger,” La Canfora writes.

But why? Why does anyone think that Bulger is the solution to anyone’s QB issues? He hasn’t completed 60% of his passes since 2006. He didn’t play at all last year. In the last three years that he did play, he’s thrown 34 interceptions.

And all stats aside, has anyone seen him play in the last 3-4 years? Talk about shell shocked. He looks skittish and indecisive in the pocket because he clearly doesn’t want to get hit. I’m fine with Bulger as a backup, I really am. But can we please stop talking about this guy like he is the difference between making the playoffs and being a lousy-to-average team?

Please, stop.

If the Dolphins are really interested in Bulger, it should only be as turd insurance for Chad Henne.

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