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MLB: Daisuke Matsuzaka to Have Tommy John Surgery

| by Off The Record

We don’t know who Lewis Yocum is, but he’s probably pretty rich. He’s also pretty busy at the moment what with all the Tommy John surgeries he’s performing. We mentioned earlier today that he’ll be performing the surgery on Royals prospect John Lamb on Friday, and now it looks like he’s got the Red Sox’ Daisuke Matsuzaka on the schedule for next week.

“Dice-k will have tommy john surgery. Dr. Lewis yocum will perform, probably next week,” SI’s Jon Heyman tweets.

While the team has yet to confirm it, Heyman sounds pretty certain. This will keep Dice-K out until sometime in 2012, which just so happens to be the last year of his contract with the Boston Red Sox. Think they’ll re-sign him? Will they pull a move like Clark Griswold’s boss? “Take whatever you got last year and add 20%?” No?

But anyway, Dice-K is going to be out a bit. Tim Wakefield will probably take his spot in the rotation, but Alfredo Aceves could replace him if he stinks up the joint.

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