Derek Anderson: Best Quarterback on Cardinals' Roster

| by Off The Record

Why do we have a feeling that Kurt Warner put Ken Whisenhunt’s phone number and contact info in his iPhone under “Do Not Answer?” He must be getting called morning, noon and night from the Arizona Cardinals head coach, absolutely begging him to play another year.

Why do I say this? Because right now, Derek Anderson is listed as the No. 1 QB on the depth chart. Matt Leinart might be the only quarterback in football that could lose his job to Anderson, who had a really strong 2007, but has done nothing else at the major league level.

“We can’t tweet during practice later, in terms of who gets the reps, but Anderson is listed No. 1 QB on the depth chart this week,” Darren Urban of tweets.

Don’t read too much into this. Whisenhunt is probably just tweaking things and praying that someone on that football team can actually play quarterback. However, that doesn’t mean that if Anderson stinks up the joint (our bet is that he will), a better option will come trotting on the field. Oh, quite the opposite.

The Cardinals are in trouble, and as we’ve said before, it’s their own fault. The Washington Redskins did not give up a king’s ransom for Donovan McNabb. Might he have been a better option than going with these two jokers?

And what about Michael Vick? We’ll tell anyone who will listen that Vick isn’t very good and never was. But, he’s not a Turd Ferguson like these guys. He can still make things happen. He just won’t win you any Super Bowls. The Eagles couldn’t get jack for him in the offseason, so you probably could have had him for a fourth-round pick tops.

Not only did the Cardinals get rid of Anquan Boldin, they also lost Warner, Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby. This is a bad football team. Not sure how else to say it.