DC Mayor Adrian Fenty Stands Up For School Choice

| by American Solutions
In the $410 billion omnibus spending package that just passed, there’s a measure included that could end the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

This should be a clear sign to every proponent of school choice that teachers’ unions and their allies in Congress are willing to stop at nothing to have their way – even if it means continuing to keep children trapped in failed schools.

Started by President Bush 5 years ago, the D.C Opportunity Scholarship Program is the only federally funded school voucher program in the country.

It’s been a very successful effort, and it’s a sign that if elected officials had the courage to inject some choice into education, there is huge potential for improvement.

Too often, there are those willing to defend a bloated, failing bureaucracy than to take bold actions and find solutions that work.

Mayor Fenty has now broken with Congressional Democrats, and has chosen to side with the children in his city.

He said that “Political leaders can debate the merits of vouchers, but we should not disrupt the education of children who are presently enrolled in private schools through the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.”

This is a victory for real change in education.

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