How David and Victoria Beckham Keep Passion in Their Marriage

| by Oh The Scandal

How do the Beckhams keep the spark alive after 11 years of marriage? Simple: Date nights.

Speaking to Hello! magazine in a joint interview, the couple, despite having weathered allegations of infidelity, maintain their marriage is rock solid.

 “We’re soulmates,” says Victoria.

Referring to allegations that David had bedded call girl Irma Nici in a series of hotel room romps, she added, “Sometimes people throw sh*t at us but we get through it.

“You deal with it, or you don’t. You go into a marriage knowing there are going to be ups and downs.”

She added: We’re in the public eye so we have more to deal with than most. We accepted that years ago. It’s just about us and the family. We’re soulmates.”

While David reveals the secret to spicing up their unwavering marriage.

“We have a date night every Wednesday,” he says.

“We catch up on what we’ve missed on TV. We watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and we love Melanie B’s new reality show,” adds Victoria.

A hump day date night. But just TV? No swinging off the chandeliers in his footy clobber? Hey, girls just want to have fun!