Cristiano Ronaldo Fumes Over Vanity Fair Mag Cover

| by Oh The Scandal

Cristiano Ronaldo has the hates for this mag cover

What’s wrong with this picture? Exactly. Nothing. But not if you’re Cristiano Ronaldo. The soccer legend has packed a major sad over it and may well sue Vanity Fair.

So what’s his beef with the mag? Was he out-abbed by Didier Drogba on the cover? Not ruddy likely. You could grate cheese on those. Nah, the problem lies with the mag’s photoshopping trickery.

See, Ronaldo was only too happy to drop his pants and pimp his pecks – but word is he didn’t envisage having to share the spotlight with another beefcake.

Turns out Vanity Fair photoshopped the cover image to make it look like they’d posed together – when in fact they hadn’t.

A source reveals:

“Ronaldo is freaking out. He says he wants to sue Vanity Fair for using his image to promote the issue everywhere.

“Even though this is pretty standard practice in the magazine world, he and his managers insist only they have control of his image and where it can be used.

“There are whispers that what really upset Ronaldo was that, having stripped off to his underpants for the shoot in Madrid, he didn’t envisage sharing the cover with another player photographed in Milan.”

Seriously, untwist those manties and get over yourself, dude. You’re no Mariah!