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Rachel Uchitel Already Slept With Elin Nordegren's New Boyfriend

Last week, I decided not to write about it because it did not seem that important, but Elin Nordegren found a new boyfriend. Of course he is a billionaire and even though he is American, apparently he knows Swedish so that is good. This way she will have someone to share lutefisk and lingonberries with.

They also have something else in common. Apparently the guy, Jamie Dingman, has also had Rachel Uchitel, so now they have something even more to discuss. I think when Elin meets these guys for coffee she needs to ask the following few questions before moving on to a dinner date. Do you play Tiger Woods video games and have you ever slept with Rachel Uchitel?

Now, for the really bad decision Rachel made. So, everyone knows she got a bunch of money from Tiger Woods to be quiet. Probably about $10M. In order to keep the money she had to stay quiet forever and ever about their relationship. None of us would have a tough time doing that, but Rachel wanted fame so much she was willing to go on Celebrity Rehab and talk to TMZ about Tiger and was forced by Tiger's attorneys to return much of the money. This is probably one of those decisions she will regret in a few years when she has no money and realizes she did not have to work ever again but wanted fame.

She is also threatening to sue Gloria Allred because Gloria convinced Tiger's attorneys to let her keep her attorneys fees. Rachel thinks Gloria screwed her. All Gloria would say is she does not represent Rachel anymore and did everything right.

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