NFL News: Colts James Gets Caught with Marijuana

| by Off The Record

During the lockout, NFL players aren’t subject to the rules of the Personal Conduct Policy. As such, there are probably a ton of them smoking pot. However, not all have such thin holds on roster spots like the Indianapolis Colts’ Javarris James.

Therefore, it’s a bad idea for him to be putting himself at risk of arrest. And that’s exactly what happened as he was arrested in Fort Myers, FL Thursday on misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession.

It’s really not too big of a deal, but don’t tell that to his high school coach.

“I am extremely disappointed,” John Weber, Javarris James’ coach at Immokalee High, told The Naples Daily News. “I would have never expected this to happen but I guess a lot of things happen.”

Never expected this to happen? It’s not like he raped a fourth grader. It’s a little weed. Was it stupid considering he’s not exactly a standout player? Yes. Is it the end of the world? We’ll wait to see if the sun comes up tomorrow before we answer that.

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