Braves Chipper Jones Gets on Heyward For Not Playing Through Injury

| by Off The Record

Atlanta Braves young phenom Jason Heyward has been missing in action for a while with a bum shoulder. And when he said recently that he wasn’t going to come back until he was 100%, it rubbed some people in the clubhouse the wrong way.

Specifically, Chipper Jones decided to speak out about it.

“I think where Jason might have erred was the comment that he made, ‘I’m not coming back until it doesn’t hurt anymore.’ That has a tendency to rub people the wrong way,” Jones said. “And we understand where he’s coming from – he wants to be healthy when he plays, so he can go out and give himself the best opportunity to be successful. I get that.

“What Jason needs to realize is that Jason at 80 percent is a force, and Jason at 80 percent is better than a lot of people in this league. And that there are a bunch of his teammates that are out there playing with discomfort and not healthy, and still going at it.”

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In other words: No one is 100% and you have to play through pain, little boy. Knock it off and get out there and play.

We don’t see it happening soon as Heyward hasn’t even started swinging a bat yet.

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