NFL: Chiefs Vrabel Arrested for Felony Theft in Indiana

| by Off The Record

There has been some pretty bad behavior by the folks who used to play for the NFL lately. We heard previously about Dez Bryant and Louis Murphy, but this time, it’s Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel getting in on the action.

Acting on a tip, PFT contacted the Switzerland County Jail in Vervay, Indiana. The jail commander told them that indeed, Vrabel was arrested for felony theft at the Belterra Casino earlier in the day.

The charge is a Class D felony in Indiana, and comes with a six month-to-three-year sentence. Yikes. The jail did not have any more information on what exactly Vrabel is accused of stealing.

Vrabel is out on $600 bond. And while the jail didn’t release additional details, they did confirm that the Mike Vrabel who was arrested and booked is the same Mike Vrabel who plays football for a living.

By the way, he’s one of the people who is supposed to make a court appearance in this big NFLPA vs. the owners lawsuit.

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