Chef Gordon Ramsay Sued by Angry In-Laws

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It must be tough in Kitchen Nightmare‘s Gordon Ramsay's home!  He has a big feud going on with his wife Tana‘s family. Tana’s father, brother-in-law, nephew and now his mother-in-law are suing Gordon.  All are claiming that they were unfairly fired from the Ramsay empire.  Gordon’s mother-in-law, Greta Hutcheson, 66, is the newest member of the family to jump on the bandwagon; she claims unfair dismissal, a breach of working time regulations, failure to pay redundancy monies and breach of contract.

Gordon’s father-in-law has accused Gordon of having mood swings and being on drugs, claims Gordon has denied. Meanwhile, Greta, Tana’s mother, sent her a letter saying, "Tana, you are not welcome anywhere near our door. I cannot believe that you have done this to your father. Until you dispose of that man, you are not welcome back."

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It appears the Hutcheson family has lived off and sponged off Gordon for a very long time.  Gordon has the right to fire who he wants, when he wants. The fact that Greta has taken this to a personal level and is making Tana and her grandchildren suffer is just horrible! I hope the court sees this for what it is, a grab for money! What do you think of Gordon Ramsay’s family problems, Celeb Dirty Laundry wants to know?