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Video: Sneak Peek at Brand New "Beavis & Butt-Head" Episode

Dude, this is so rad I can’t stand it.

As we told you one year ago, Beavis & Butthead are making a huge comeback folks, and we have the first clip from the first episode titled, Holy Cornholio.

The 5-minute clips shows Beavis & Butthead, just like we remember them. AC/DC and Metallica shirts, funky, uncontrollable Brillo-like pompadours, and prominent mandibles. In the brand new Beavis & Butthead episode, Holy Cornholio, Beavis & Butt head find themselves in a bind after Beavis has a mishap involving a plastic toy figure and a power screwdriver.

The menaces raise hell inside the hospital where Beavis is being treated until a radical religious group discovers Beavis and decides he is their prophet.


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Beavis & Butthead’s comeback episode called ‘Holy Cornholio’ takes on jersey Shore

Also in the new episode, Beavis & Butthead take on the cast of Jersey Shore!

“This is like the family tree – if your family was made of whores.” – Butthead on Jersey Shore

Beavis & Butthead ran on MTV for 14 years and I remember the day they said they were going to end it. It was crushing! Such an amazingly simple show, with simple humor, but so, so funny. At least to those of us who have a warped sense of humor…heh heh heh heh.

Check out the clip above for a sampling of Beavis & Butthead’s new episode, it’s sure to tickle your funnybone.


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