Sylvester Stallone Charging $395 for Autograph, $445 for Picture

| by Michael Allen

Over the weekend at the New York Comic Con, action star Sylvester Stallone was charging $395 for an autograph and $445 for a picture.

According to the gossip site TMZ, there was a high demand by fans to meet the "Rocky" star (pictured right).

"He's flying here straight from Bulgaria," a woman who sold tickets for Stallone's signature and picture told Gawker on Saturday. "This is a very limited opportunity."

Gawker reported that other stars were also charging big bucks.

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"Aliens" star Sigourney Weaver was asking $185 for an autograph and $200 for a picture. "X-Files" actor David Duchovny charged $80 for his signature and $95 for a picture, while his former co-star Gillian Anderson was charging $60 for an autograph.

"Star Trek" fans had to pay $80 William Shatner and Patrick Stewart for autographs, but poney up $220 for pics.

Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in the "Star Wars" movies, wanted $50 for his scrawl and "True Blood's" Kristin Bauer was on the low end at $30.

If you're weren't able to make it to the New York Comic Con and part with hundreds of dollars, Celebrity Authentics, which set up the stars' appearances, also offers autographs.

Sources: Celebrity Authentics, TMZ, Gawker