Jessica Alba in Sexy Bikini in St. Barts (Pictures)

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We don't normally like* publishing long lens pap shots of celebs on holiday (mainly because they post much betters ones on their own Instagram accounts, but also because we're very ethical and not the Daily Mail). HOWEVER, since Jessica Alba has just released a Goopy-style book about cooking and stuff, we thought these pics might help her shift a few copies. AREN'T WE SO VERY KIND?! 

If you're less interested in how she got her amazing body and more into looking at it, please scroll through our gallery. Because we're not the Daily Mail, we haven't added any caption about how she only gave birth last year and quickly managed to "shed the mummy tummy", but we have included some Jessica Alba celebrity bikini pics from the archive so you can think about how nice it is that she actually looks better than she did four years ago. 

Incidentally, she's in St. Barts where it's currently 30 degrees celsius. Hey, at least it's no longer below freezing here - and you didn't have to spend all of last year on a soup flavoured water diet. It's all FINE. 

*Yes, that doesn't mean that we don't - just that we don't like to.

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