eBay Censors Jim Carrey Autograph for Gun Listing

| by Michael Allen

An eBay user named 'Astrobuzz' recently put his autographed picture of Jim Carrey up for sale on the web site in order to raise money to buy a handgun.

The eBay listing was in response to Carrey’s recent anti-gun video, which mocked America's obsession with guns and the late Charlton Heston, a strong gun advocate.

Astrobuzz's ad got 103 bidders, who pushed the bid price up to $860, reports

However, by late Wednesday, the bids disappeared and the ad for autographed picture was gone.

The ad for the Carrey photo was put back up later and read: "I'm selling this Jim Carrey autographed B&W photo [mint condition] for purposes I cannot explain because it might be against eBay's Terms & Conditions."

More eBay users are doing the same thing. An eBay user named “Paradisecarwash" posted the same item and description, which got a $50 bid.

Another eBay user “Morpheus _2080" offered a photo plus a Dumb and Dumber DVD. Morpheus _2080 also posted a photo of the gun he wants to buy.

However, the word "gun" has been stripped from all the descriptions of Carrey ads listed on eBay.

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