Comedian Nathan Fielder's Twitter Prank Destroys Relationships

| by Michael Allen

Comedian Nathan Fielder told his 70,000+ followers on Twitter today to pull a prank on their significant other, but the joke appears to have destroyed some relationships.

Fielder tweeted: "Experiment: text the person ur dating "I haven't been fully honest with you" then dont reply to them for 1 hr (& tweet pic of thr response)."

After getting the joke text, many women jumped to conclusions, thought they had been cheated on and texted angry messages back.

Fielder fan David Pina paid the price for doing the prank. He tweeted to Fielder: "'Thought it'd be funny but now I completely regret it. 2 years down the drain."

Pina's now ex-girlfriend texted him: "Did hook up with your best friend on New Years," reported the Daily Mail.

One girl texted her mother with the joke and her poor mom wrote back: "I was afraid u were gonna tell me u were out getting an abortion."

Source: Daily Mail and Twitter