NFL: Cardinals Still Looking to Pursue Eagles Kolb

| by Off The Record

Hey, guess who is friggin’ sick of writing about Kevin Kolb rumors? In fact, I’m hoping that the lockout ends soon so we can stop hearing about “sources” saying the Arizona Cardinals are interested in Kevin Kolb!

There was a report that surfaced earlier today that the Cardinals’ coaching staff was a little hesitant about making a move for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. Oh why would that be? Because he stinks up the joint every other outing? GET! OUT!

Well, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the Cards are still expected to go after Kolb as soon as the lockout has ended.

“Whenever they are able, the Cardinals will pursue a trade for Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb,” he writes.

The reason we pass this along is because Somers is the most in-the-know reporter when it comes to all things Arizona Cardinals. When all the rumors were flying about the Eagles trying to get Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin from them back in 2008, Somers was the one who kept saying that the Cardinals weren’t interested in dealing them. And you know what? They didn’t.

So when Somers says that the Cardinals are interested in Kolb, they are.

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