NHL: Flyers Carcillo Suspended 2 Games for Game 4 Conduct

| by Off The Record

Dan Carcillo’s main job for the Philadelphia Flyers is to be an obnoxious agitator, who gets his hands dirty and does a lot of the unpopular stuff (in theory while avoiding penalties). Apparently, it’s one thing to direct your ire towards the opposing team, just don’t direct it towards the officials.

And that’s what Carcillo did after the first period of Game 4 against the Boston Bruins. The NHL didn’t seem to like it as they’ve suspended Carcillo without pay for the first two games of next season.

“Between the first and second period, while off ice and outside the officials’ locker room, Mr. Carcillo engaged in aggressive behavior and inappropriate conduct directed at the officials,” said Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy. “While Mr. Carcillo acknowledged in the hearing that he regrets his actions outside of the officials’ room, there can be no defense for his conduct.

“I also reviewed the verbal confrontation between Carcillo and linesman Brian Murphy at the players’ bench prior to the start of the second period and have determined that, while the verbal abuse may have been worthy of a penalty, there is no evidence that Carcillo’s action merits supplemental discipline,” concluded Murphy.

Way to go, Dan.

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