California Roundup: Republicans As Worthless As Ever

| by Reason Foundation

City of Bell's $800,000 Manager Robert Rizzo is
but not forgotten. California attorney general and candidate for
governor Jerry Brown issues a subpoena
for the city's compensation records.

Los Angeles public schools
pay $109 a copy
for textbooks.

Why Republicans are worthless, item umpteen: Carly Fiorina's
biggest complaint about Sen. Barbara Boxer is that boxer has

not passed enough legislation

Teamsters hold up Hollywood:
Studios agree
to 2 percent pay increase, bigger health plan
contributions and "travel pay" for certain drivers. (What do they
pay the non-traveling drivers?)

The Laffer curve still works in dry, temperate cimates:
Dan Walters remembers
that the last time the state passed big
tax hikes during a recession, revenues declined.