Buzzer Beaters – March 4, 2011

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* Michael Wallace has one of the best leads I’ve read in a long time while describing Miami’s loss last night: “Move over, Charlie Sheen.When it comes to spiraling out of control before our very eyes these past few days, dude, you’ve got company. Star-studded company. Miami Heat company.”
* Alex English on the NBA expanding to Europe: “I think with David Stern’s vision of possibly having a European division, you’ve got European players, at least a quarter of the league is European so there is going to be support. It’s been a slow build up to this but now you can see he support being there. If you’ve got a team in Rome, they want to see Gallinari, they want to see Bargnani, and Belinelli and they want to see the greats.”
* Sam Amick posted the YouTube clip of a fantastic feature on Leon Powe.
* Joseph Schwerdt calls out LeBron James and other athletes who compare basketball games to war.
* Stan Van Gundy and Daryl Morey rip on Tracy McGrady.
* High school basketball star dies after hitting game-winning basket.
* March Madness will stream to iPad and Iphone for free. Free? Sweet!
* Speaking of March Madness, I’m hoping to record an NCAA Podcast with Aaron Torres either this weekend or early next week to review the upcoming conference tournaments. We’ll hopefully do a March Madness preview as well after Selection Sunday.

Article courtesy of Hoops Addict.

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