Bush Billboard in Minnesota Asks "Miss Me Yet?"


By Michelle Minton

A billboard appeared in Wyoming, Minn. this week (the person/org responsible is still unknown) with the visage of former President George W. Bush asking the question: Miss me yet?

Well, it’s kind of difficult to miss someone when they aren’t really gone. As noted by Reason Magazine and Obama himself, the new administration doesn’t really differ when it comes to counter-terrorism policy.

Of course, Obama hasn’t really strayed too far from the Bush-era spending policy either. Though he may have taken it a step further, Obama is merely continuing the Bush-style economy stimulating spending.

The two presidents even mirror each others’ rhetorical style as Jon Stewart entertainingly highlighted on "The Daily Show" last year with Obama’s inaugural speech.

So, to answer billboard Bush’s question: No we don’t miss you because it’s like you’ve never left.


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