Latest NFL Arrest: Bucs’ Alex Magee for Marijuana

| by Off The Record

When we think of teams that collect guys who like to have run-ins with the law, we tend to think of the Cincinnati Bengals. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would love to be included in that discussion as well.

And their latest bid for inclusion comes via defensive end Alex Magee, who was pulled over on Monday and arrested on charges of marijuana possession and expired tags. The police report says that the car smelled like pot and that he was found to have a “misdemeanor amount of field test positive marijuana.”

Magee was the 67th-overall pick in the 2009 by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was then traded last year to the Bucs, who took a few more d-lineman in this year’s draft. That will make it more difficult for Magee to make their team in 2011.

Unless they are going with the criminal theme still. Maybe they can package him with Aqib Talib in a trade.

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