CBS News Uses Harmful Photo for Weight Loss Story

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What they wrote:

Survey: 97 percent of women have
body image

Glamour magazine reports that some women have 25, 50, even 100 of these negative thoughts on a daily basis

By CBS News Staff
  • Beautiful female body  (THIS IS THEIR CAPTION!)   


(CBS News)It’s no secret most women struggle to feel happy with their bodies. A new Glamour magazine survey confirms it — and the numbers are troubling.

Ninety-seven percent of women say they have at least one negative thought about their body image every single day. Why?

Psychologist and “Early Show” Psychologist and contributor Dr. Jennifer Hartstein and Glamour magazine Executive Editor Wendy Naugle shared the factors behind that number.

In the survey, which polled 300 women, some of the actual recorded thoughts included: “Don’t eat that. You could probably use an eating disorder,” “You’re obese. All the pretty girls are a size 2,” “I’m ugly. Too skinny. Look sick.”

Where do these negative thoughts stem from — and can this mindset be changed?

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How I responded to the author of the article:

This is NOT news. What IS news is that there is a vibrant self/size acceptance movement afoot in this country helping women to embrace the concept of size diversity.

But what irks me the most about this “article” is the photo they ran with it…I mean really…an article about women hating their bodies and they flank the article with a provocative photo of a nude model-thin woman…with the caption, “Beautiful Female Body.”

OK, I know, that even thin “beautiful” women hate their bodies and maybe that’s the point, but I don’t think the folks that ran the photo are that insightful. I think that if they really connected the dots they would think,”Women hate their bodies because they are constantly being objectified and bombarded with images of thin women as the ideal so let’s not run a photo of a nude skinny woman.” Instead the brilliant minds thought….”Hey I have an idea, let’s run a photo with this article that will make even more women hate their bodies!!!!!” Brilliant