Bronx Zoo Cobra Found Safe at Home

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And just like that The Great New York City Snake Escape is over! The same Bronx Zoo Cobra that garnered over 200,000+ twitter followers in less than 2 weeks has been found “alive and well” in the reptile house that it apparently escaped from. Pretty anti-climactic if you ask us, but we are happy that no one was hurt and that the snake is okay.

As Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny said at a press conference a few moments ago, “The key strategy here in recovering the snake was patience. We had to give her a chance to feel secure and comfortable so she would come out and explore her environment and we could get it.”

From our friends at “OK, new rule: Next time a cobra escapes from a zoo it needs to slither under the legs of subway riders at least once, or do something dramatic.

We’re happy everyone, snake included, is okay.

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